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More and more people want to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery or treatment. Only rarely is flawless beauty the goal. It is rather the desire for a fresh, natural and relaxed look and optimization of their body silhouette. In short, they are concerned with feeling completely comfortable in their own skin. This is exactly what we are best prepared for!

When it comes to cosmetic surgery or treatments, many people pursue the goal of wanting to feel good in their own skin rather than being flawlessly beautiful. Dr. Frauke Del Bello, experienced specialist in surgery from Berlin, will be happy to advise you in your individual plan to look more youthful, fresh and radiant and inform you about the best procedure for you. In doing so, Dr. Del Bello and her team rely on a complex and holistic approach that includes all factors that affect your body, your health and your personal body image.

The practice offers its patients aesthetic surgery methods and skin rejuvenation procedures.

Dr. Del Bello and her staff place a very high value on personal consultation, care and support for their patients even beyond the actual treatment, because our goal is for their patients to feel comfortable in their bodies.

Dr. Frauke Del Bello

Dr. Del Bello’s practice is located in Friedrichstraße, in the vibrant center of Berlin. In this video you can get a first impression of us. We will be happy to answer your personal questions at any time.


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State-certified cosmetician and practice assistant

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Trained nurse and practice assistant


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