Own fat treatment

The fact that with age the face can lose contours and fullness in the right places is a completely normal process. Refreshing the contours with the body’s own fat helps in a very natural way to feel more attractive and younger again. Deeper wrinkles can also be “targeted” with this method. In many cases, this procedure is a real alternative to lifting and the corresponding surgery.

An endogenous filler

Besides its effectiveness, this form of facial contouring has other advantages. Because it is a filler produced naturally in the body, it is very well tolerated and can be used in larger quantities. Furthermore, fat contains stem cells that cause part of the injected fat to “grow”, so to speak, and thus have a permanent rejuvenating effect. The treatment can also be repeated, which leads to an even better result. In my practice, a portion of the fat is frozen and a refresher treatment is performed after approximately 6 months. This fat is not quite as effective in terms of quality due to freezing, but still has a supporting effect.

  • Tightens skin and connective tissue through stem cells
  • Modeling the contours of the body
  • Good compatibility

All about autologous fat treatment

In the first step, the fat is removed by liposuction. Here, I take care to remove the fat from a region where the fat additionally disturbs the patient, so that 2 birds can be killed with one stone, so to speak. In the second step, the fat is separated from unwanted liquids and centrifuged until it can finally be distributed to several syringes. It is then injected very specifically under the desired areas of the skin. I like to add PRP (platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood) to the fat, as this also contains stem cells and can increase the proportion of permanent fat.

Swelling or bruising may occur after facial contouring, which may require time off for several days. A light cooling does good here. Massages should be avoided in the face during the first weeks in order not to jeopardize the position of the fat during the natural “growing process”. During the first 3-4 weeks, sports, sauna, heavy physical work and similar activities should also be avoided. Wearing a compression bodice for 4-6 weeks is sometimes recommended on the areas of the body where liposuction was performed. This essentially depends on the amount of fat removed.

Autologous fat is also popular for shaping and optimizing the breast and buttocks. For this you need much larger quantities than for the face. Therefore, I like to combine primary liposuction with autologous fat treatment. The body is “optimized” and reshaped, so to speak.

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