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Dr. Frauke Del Bello already has many years of broad-based university surgical training with extensive skills and leadership experience. Thus, she expertly accompanies and advises her patients in the planning and implementation of their wishes concerning their appearance. In doing so, Dr. Del Bello relies on a broad spectrum of treatments, consisting of surgical procedures, less invasive methods of skin rejuvenation and body optimization as well as supportive medical-cosmetic procedures. Consequently, patients profit from her expertise and advice while benefitting from custom-fit solutions to individual requests. Thus, Dr. Del Bello is able to provide your patients with competent and consultative support and can offer them the best individual solution for their wishes.

Following her licensure as a physician, Dr. Del Bello progressed through various professional positions in different areas of surgery, including general surgery, trauma surgery, reconstructive surgery, and vascular surgery.

Dr. Del Bello is your medical professional for aesthetic surgery She already performed a large number of aesthetic surgical operations. Over the years, Dr. Del Bello has continuously acquired extensive practical experience in various forms of treatment in plastic aesthetic medicine. In 2005 she started her own practice in Berlin

  • Various forms of anti-wrinkle injections and volume augmentations using botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid
  • Aesthetic procedures of skin rejuvenation, for example ultherapy, secret RF micro needling or thread lifting
  • Supportive cosmetic treatment, such as cryolifting, hydra-facial or peelings

Always on the cutting edge of aesthetic surgery

Dr. Del Bello is a member of the most important professional associations, such as the GÄCD (Society for Aesthetic Surgery Germany) and the BDC (Association of German Surgeons). These memberships guarantee medical expertise which is always fully up-to-date. For Dr. Del Bello, familiarity with the newest developments in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine is self-evident. This way, she can ensure that only the safest, most effective and most innovative methods are being employed in the treatment of her patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Del Bello shares her insights and experiences with her colleagues, serving as a consultant and instructor for injection techniques using botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid.

However, Dr. Del Bello not only informs her patients and colleagues but also provides the general public with information about the current developments in aesthetic surgery. She has appeared as an expert for aesthetic surgery and cosmetic-aesthetic procedures in various magazine and television formats. In this role, Dr. Del Bello explains the individual treatment options and methods as well as their effects and any special aspects during such treatment.

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