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Exokine® | Unicorn lift

Exokine®, also known as Unicorn lift, creates a significantly improved skin appearance with natural, body-own active ingredients and fights the aging process of the skin. The quick and painless treatment method, combined with the convincingresults, has made Unicorn Lifting popular in recent years.

Results of an exokine treatment documented by clinical studies:

  • Reduction of inflammatory redness of the skin
  • Improvement of skin firmness
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Increased collagen production in your skin
  • Increase of elastin in your skin
  • Increased stem cell turnover in your skin
  • Increased moisture in the skin

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Treatment duration

30 minutes

Recurring treatment

3-4 sessions

Everything else about the Exokine® |   Unicorn Lift

One of the key factors for skin aging is the chronic inflammatory response of your skin. The tissue quality decreases and is therefore the basis for the appearance of wrinkles and redness. The skin becomes more and more restless.
The aging process leads to thinner skin that has dried out and lost elasticity. Lines and wrinkles begin to appear … Their healthy youthful shine disappears more and more.
The unique EdS® protocol is the scientific basis for your Exokine treatment (Unicorn Lift). This process allows us to extract a potent personalized serum from your own blood that begins to reduce the chronic inflammatory response in your skin from the moment of injection.
The serum is cell-free and does not contain harmful additives, so we can deliver a truly 100% natural treatment.

  1. Blood is drawn into the Exokine® reaction vessel in the morning
  2. Incubation of the blood for 6 hours in the Exokine® device. This activates your cells in your blood and they thus release anti-inflammatory proteins (cytokines) and growth factors in very high concentrations.
  3. After incubation, the blood is centrifuged in a special centrifuge. After that, two different phases can be seen in the Exokine® tubes: A red bottom containing all blood cells and a yellow liquid on top – your Exokine® serum for the Unicorn Lift.
  4. You will return to Dr. Del Bello’s office in the afternoon for your treatment (Alternatively, you can return in the following days)
  5. For the treatment, a numbing cream can be applied to your face if you wish.
  6. Your Exokine® serum is injected into the skin via microinjections at a distance of 1 cm. There may be both a burning sensation and a warm sensation at the injection site for a short time.
  7. After the end of the treatment the skin will be slightly red for 45min to 1h.

We recommend a course of three to four sessions, each two to three weeks apart, to achieve the optimal result: continuous improvement of your skin for 9-12 months.

After the treatment, your skin quality will gradually improve and you can enjoy a rejuvenated complexion for up to one year. Your skin will be healthy and refreshed for up to 9-12 months. Discuss with your doctor when the next treatment should take place to keep your skin healthy and refreshed.

Your skin will blossom. Like a sponge, it will absorb moisture over time, gain resilience and elasticity, the complexion will glow and appear fresher and healthier. When injected into the top layer of the skin, your body’s own growth factors and proteins are gently activated and thus Exokine®-Serum constantly supports the regeneration of your skin. Collagen is regenerated, moisture can accumulate and after a few weeks you will have a significantly improved skin appearance, achieved naturally, sustainably and long lasting.

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