Sensual lips

Lip augmentation

The desire for full and sensual lips can be fulfilled today by lip augmentation using injections with hyaluronic acid in a gentle and uncomplicated way. Denn neben den Augen ist unser Mund der auffälligste Teil unseres Gesichts. Therefore, it is quite understandable that beautiful, well-formed lips are also an essential beauty feature for you. What you probably don’t want in any case are lips that immediately show their unnaturalness. If you are looking for a lip augmentation with simple, clear contours and a natural volume, I can achieve pleasing results with relatively little effort.

Age-related sunken lips with lip wrinkles can also be restored gently and visually naturally. You determine the extent of the lip augmentation individually. From the slight accentuation of very narrow lips, the discreet “de-curling” of older lips, to a sensual pout, everything is possible. Men are now also taking advantage of the possibilities offered by a very discreet lip augmentation, especially to compensate for inequalities between the upper and lower lip.

Lip augmentation with hyaluron

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I only use hyaluron for the lip augmentation. This is because only with such substances can a gentle, balanced combination of lip volume and shape be achieved.

Social ability

1-2 days

Treatment duration

30 minutes

Duration of effect

About 6 months

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