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The dream of feeling great in a taut, beautifully shaped and healthy body drives more and more people to join the gym and dieting groups. Unfortunately, the human body often retains persistent collections of fat which defy any diet. And with age, these fat pads will only become more pronounced. For women, these may be “saddle bags” where the belly is too large and the thighs too padded. For men, pronounced breasts, also referred to as gynecomastia, are considered as unappealing. And in spite of attempting various dietary plans or exercising without end, the real problem areas generally show no improvement. This is where well-directed liposuction can help.

All about liposuction

Yes, liposuction removes the fat cells. However: With liposuction, you also have to be careful not to suck out too much fat, because otherwise unsightly dents could develop, among other things. Therefore, every serious surgeon leaves a minimal layer of fat under the skin – for a beautiful, smooth, harmonious and natural result.

Yes, cellulite is nothing more than the accumulation of fat cell nests that “clump together” so to speak. These accumulations are interspersed with vertical strands of connective tissue, which cause the appearance of “orange peel skin”. Liposuction separates or loosens many of these strands, blasts the fat cell nests and thus removes most of them. The appearance of the skin improves significantly as a result.

Liposuction creates a kind of scar plate under the skin, and good compression (wearing a tight bodice for a short time after surgery) thus allows the skin to grow tight in the right places. In addition, the “shrinking effect”, a contracting effect, occurs. Thus, liposuction has shaping as well as firming effect – up to a certain degree.

Tightening depends on the individual condition of the skin and connective tissue, as well as the age of the patient. The poorer the skin structure and connective tissue and the older the patient, the more cautious liposuction should be. It may be advisable to schedule another procedure within a few months to achieve a beautiful result and to give the skin and connective tissue time to regenerate.

More about skin tightening

Yes, this is possible and makes sense in combination with liposuction. The body’s own fat cells are specially prepared for this and can be injected into the tissue elsewhere. This is used for some pronounced and deep wrinkles and to some extent for areas of the body where more volume is desired such as filling hollow cheeks, breasts and buttocks.

More about autologous fat treatment

This can certainly happen. Especially when the body is permanently supplied with too many calories. There are fat cells almost everywhere under the skin, which can then increase in size elsewhere on the body. But if you pay attention to diet and exercise, this will not happen.

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