Skin and tissue tend to sag with time. Whether visible in the face, neck or belly – many people feel severely limited by the process of skin and tissue aging and look for options to turn back time. The new ThermiRF treatment method is an impressive option for tightening tissue with radio frequency from the inside – completely without surgery.

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Procedure of the ThermiTight® treatment

ThermiTight® releases controlled energy into your skin. A tiny temperature sensor in the tip of the micro-invasive cannula controls this process. Depending on the problem area, the optimum temperature is selected in order to melt fat, tighten skin or activate collagen production. The location to be treated is prepared with a local anesthetic so that you will feel next to nothing when the micro-invasive procedure is being performed. Parallel to the treatment, an infrared camera will control the temperature of the skin to ensure that the procedure is not only effective but also safe.

Social ability

3-7 days

Sustained effect

1,5 hours


Local anesthesia

All about ThermiTight®

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Depending on the area of the body and the intensity of the treatment, a recovery time of about 4 to 6 months can be expected. The regeneration time does not affect your everyday life. After 3-7 days you will be socially fit again.

A ThermiTight® treatment can basically be used repeatedly. After a year of rest between treatments, a new session can take place.

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