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Ultherapy is a new, non-invasive method used to tighten sagging skin and connective tissue in the face, neck and cleavage area. In addition to an immediate tightening effect, ultherapy utilizes the natural regeneration processes of the connective tissue in order to improve and restore the elasticity of skin and connective tissue step by step. As a result, the facial contours appear much stronger. The facial contours become significantly firmer.

This is how the Ultherapy® treatment works

Ultherapy simultaneously applies visual and a therapeutic ultrasound. As with other ultrasound procedures, an ultrasound head is positioned on the skin. The Deep See ultrasound technology enables the treating doctor to see precisely into which skin layer the therapeutic, focused ultrasound energy should be administered in order to achieve the desired tightening effects. The surface of the skin is not treated. The treated tissue will immediately experience a shrinking effect, meaning that the tissue is tightened by the generated energy. As a secondary effect, the regeneration process of the skin activates the new formation of collagen through which patients can expect an additional lifting effect over the next 3-6 months.

The special feature of Ultherapy®

Ultherapy® is not the only non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment which is performed with a combination of visual and focused ultrasound to create a controllable and significant tightening effect of the tissue below the skin. In contrast to treatment with a laser, for example, the surface of the skin will remain fully intact and there is no downtime. The tissue is noticeably tightened through the immediate effect as well as through the subsequent longer-lasting regeneration process. When properly performed, this treatment will leave no scars or noticeable signs of the treatment.

All about Ultherapy®

As the ultherapy treatment concentrates ultrasound, meaning that the ultrasound energy is bundled to certain pin-points, the patient will experience the heat generated in the treated tissue layer. Depending on the region of the body, patients generally have an experience with different degrees of discomfort. The treatment is hardly felt at all in some regions while others may react more sensitively, for example the area of the necks of teeth may experience a certain degree of paresthesia. However, doctors have the options of effective counter-measures, for example to protect the tooth necks by inserting a gauze compress into the cheeks. Prior application of a local anesthetic cream has also proven quite effective. As for any other treatment, good planning with sufficient time is a sensible approach to this procedure.

For neck and cleavage, the procedure will take approximately 30 minutes. Forehead and eyes require about 15 minutes while a treatment of the face (chin line to cheek bones) takes about 60 minutes. Two sessions with ultrasound heads and different penetration depths will be required. The second session has less of a penetration depth than the first one. In order for the anesthetic creme to take effect properly, we generally plan for at least another hour before the actual procedure.

The results will always depend on the initial findings.
Every treatment will lead to an immediate shrinking effect of the tissue and the skin above immediately after the ultherapy session. The initiated regeneration process, which demonstrably stimulates the collagen production of the treated tissue, will begin immediately after ultherapy and continue for a period of about 3 to 6 months. A lifting effect and tightening of previously saggy skin will be noticeable, improving the general appearance of the facial contours.

In most cases, a single ultherapy treatment will suffice in order to achieve the desired result. After the immediate lifting effect from the procedure, a bit of patience is required to notice the greatest possible tightening effect of the skin within the subsequent 3 to 6 months. For some patients, a second session after 6 months may make sense; sometimes also just treatment of areas which have slackened the most. This decision can always be taken together with the treating doctor.

Ultherapy is especially suitable for patients whose facial contours have lost stability and are beginning to slowly “slide down”. Examples include a poorly defined chin line with signs of flabby cheeks, sunken eyebrows, etc.

Especially patients who would like to avoid a surgical procedure are perfect candidates for ultherapy. Its effects are not quite comparable to those of a facelift but its non-invasive, low-risk aspects without any downtime and noticeable rejuvenation effects of skin and connective tissue represent a great alternative.

Ultherapy is a modern form of treatment for patients who are looking to regain freshness and vitality in their look without actually changing their appearance.

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