Innovative water jet-assisted liposuction

Water jet-assisted liposuction is a new method to gently release undesired fat deposits and suck them off. During this form of treatment, a fan-like pulsating water jet is used which can be precisely controlled in intensity and effectiveness. It offers the option of quicker and simpler liposuction and/or fat extraction for an even more effective fat transfer of medium and large volumes.

Thanks to the gentle effects of the water jet, the surrounding connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels remain virtually unaffected, minimizing the risk of the liposuction procedure while also improving the result and decreasing the convalescence period. Another benefit is the fact that this process extracts autologous fat of a higher quality for further use more gently.

Vibratory liposuction

With the vibration technique, a vibration device with different cannulas is used after the injection of the tumescent solution. The fat is loosened from its bond by the vibration and is thus a gentle procedure for liposuction. I use this technique especially for small treatment areas.

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