Secret (Radiofrequency-Needling)

Fractioned micro needling with radio frequency is a trendsetting anti-aging treatment which helps to achieve younger-looking and smoother skin through a gentle approach. RF micro needling can be used for tightening face, neck and cleavage and has proven highly successful when applied to stretch marks, scars and hyperhidrosis (sweating). The effectiveness of this method has been scientifically proven.
The insertion of fine needles into the dermis and the generation of thermal pulses at the tip of the needle triggers the collagen production. The epidermis (external skin layer) is only minimally damaged during this process as the microneedle is still cold when it passes through the skin. The length of the needle as well as the frequency strength of the pulses can be individually adjusted to the skin structure of each patient.

Application areas

RF micro needling can be applied to the face and the body. Its versatile application options produce outstanding results in the treatment of various skin defects.

Facial treatments

RF micro needling can be used to counter wrinkles and sagging facial expressions and to combat enlarged pores and acne scars.

  • Skin tightening
  • Pore reduction
  • Acne scar treatment
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle treatment

Body treatments

RF micro needling is well-suited for facial treatments as well as treatments on the body. The most common procedures include skin improvements on elbows and knees, removal of spider veins and stretch marks (pregnancy marks) and tightening of the skin around the cleavage area.

  • Skin improvement on elbows and knees
  • Stretch marks (pregnancy marks)
  • Cleavage skin

Needling and radio frequency

RF Microneedling activates the body’s internal skin rejuvenation mechanisms, the distribution of growth factors as well as the stimulation of collagen and elastin stem cells. This process is referred to as collagen neogenesis. The regeneration of the tissue and the formation of collagen begins within a short period of the treatment. Ultimately, a new collagen network replaces old structures.

The duration of the emitted pulses and the released energy can be individually adjusted for each patient. That way, RF micro needling is suitable for application on different parts of the body and can be adjusted to individual patient requests.

RF micro needling generally achieves great treatment success within a short period of time. However, since the regeneration process of the tissue takes some time, a period of a few weeks to months generally passes until the final results of the treatment become visible.

RF micro needling is characterized by the relative mildness of the treatment coupled with a high degree of efficiency. The process can be used to tighten skin, refine pores or reduce scars and is more efficient than conventional micro needling methods. Unlike other treatment methods, such as lasers, RF micro needling does not remove the top skin layer, preventing the appearance of unpleasant side effects, such as heightened light sensitivity of the skin and pigment displacement.

Frequently asked questions about SECRET RF

Depending on the region to be treated, a treatment generally takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The treatment with Secret RF can be painful. However, we do apply a local anesthesia cream before the treatment to make it as pleasant for you as possible.

The skin in the area treated with Secret RF will be reddened for a couple of days. Slight swelling in the area is possible. After that, the natural healing process of the skin will be initiated.

The individual treatments will take place every six to eight weeks. In most cases, three treatments are required in order to achieve the desired result. However, this depends on the type and condition of the patient’s skin.

Despite the fact that the epidermis, the top most skin layer, is not damaged during the RF micro needling process and no pigment displacement or burns appear, direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided.

Treatment with RF micro needling is not recommendable for patients who take blood-thinning medication. Where possible, the administration of such medication should be stopped approximately two weeks before RF micro needling is to be performed. Furthermore, the process cannot be applied in case of open wounds or eczemas of the skin.

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