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Vampire Lift | PRP Therapy

A vampire lift, also referred to as PRP autologous blood therapy, is perfect for wrinkle treatment and skin rejuvenation because the plasma injected during the treatment is extracted from autologous blood and the serum contains an extremely high number of blood platelets (thrombocytes) with growth factors. That makes the serum highly compatible, and there are no side effects or allergic reactions to the body’s own substances.

The vampire lift can be used to smoothen and bolster wrinkles in the face, on the neck, in the cleavage area and on the hands. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from autologous blood is injected into the dermis where it unfolds its full effect. The dermis of the skin contains elastic fibers. During the natural aging process, these fibers steadily lose tension, making the skin appear saggy. This is where the PRP autologous blood serum of the vampire lift comes into play. The bio stimulation triggers the new formation of collagen and the regeneration of the connective tissue. As a result, the skin will appear much younger, more vital and tighter.

Collecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

For the extraction of the plasma, Dr. Del Bello will draw a bit of blood from the patient prior to the actual treatment. From this blood sample, a blood processing procedure will extract the thrombocytes and growth factors which are crucial for the treatment. As the plasma is made of autologous substances, it is extremely compliant, triggering neither side effects nor allergic reactions. Once it has been injected into the skin, the serum will stimulate the body’s natural processes of self-healing and cell regeneration, resulting in an overall improved, radiant skin structure.

  • Improvement of the skin structure
  • Rejuvenationof the skin
  • Reduction of wrinkle depth of the face, neck and decolleté
  • Scars & Stretch Marks
  • Against unevenness in the connective tissue

Social ability

2-7 days

Treatment duration

1,5h (30min treatment, 60min anesthetic cream)


local anesthesia

All about Vampire Lift | PRP

first effects visible after a few days
final result visible approx. 2 to 3 months after treatment

Depending on the number of refreshers and areas of application, the effect lasts for about 18 months. However, the prevention of new wrinkles and aging of the skin is still to be considered, which do not progress as usual during this period.

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